My name is Emy Sukenaga. I graduated from Wheaton College Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Pedagogy.  I currently work in Oro Valley, Arizona as a Special Education Teaching Assistant and teach private violin, viola, cello, and bass lessons at Allegro School of Music.  I am currently pursuing my Special Education Teacher’s Certification.  I love kids, and I have a desire and love to see them grow, develop, and change.  I have a huge passion for kids with special needs.  I have a huge heart to see the broken healed, the lost found, the hurt full, and the marginalized accepted.  I am married to my wife, Cali, and we recently moved from Chicago to Arizona in our Honda Civic.  We enjoy watching Netflix, baking, cooking, reading, caring for our hamster Vivi, hiking, and biking around Tucson.

I enjoy writing as a means to express my emotions, thoughts, and complex feelings associated with life as a gay Christian, wife, musician, and Special Education Teacher.  I love the complexities of life- full of joy, pain, sorrow, excitement, love, and hate.  I seek to enrich my readers with words of encouragement to grow and seek the Kingdom of God.

Random Facts about me:
I have cleated myself while playing softball in high school
I am the oldest of three (my siblings are Lisa and Tyler)
I’m half Japanese (my dad is a first generation immigrant from Japan)
I have only met one person who has my name and spells it like I do (and it wasn’t even her real name).
I grew up in Hudson, Ohio
I graduated from Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (CVCA) in 2009
I fell out of a triple bunked bed my sophomore year of college
I play the cello because when I was 5 I had a crush on Michael from Barney who played London Bridge on the cello
My number one strength is Adaptability
I tell a lot of stories
My favorite movie is Baby Mama.  I have watched it enough times that I can basically quote the entire thing.
I played baseball with the boys from the time I was 6-12, then reluctantly played softball when I was 12-18.
I greatly value intentional, meaningful, and deep relationships.

Disclaimer:  I want to use blogging as a way to be real.  I don’t want to post artificial, surface level thoughts or feelings that are going on in my mind.  I think too much and therefore a blog is a perfect way for me to get my thoughts out.  This blog is where I am at, at this time, in this moment.  And sometimes where that is not as pretty and fluffy as expected, but it’s real.

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