empty words.

Within our empty worlds filled with meaningless text messages void of emotion or feeling of any sort, lie empty words. Sometimes I don’t think we see the ramifications of the empty words we speak, other times we do. And we still speak them. Maybe that’s why I write. Just to read that I have some type of intelligent thoughts swimming around in my mind. And I don’t know the ramifications of the words I write nor do I see the ramifications play out.

But either way we say empty words.

Sometimes things change and words that were filled to the brim with meaning and feeling have lost all its sweet flavor. As if the time around us has created a rotten odor within the words we once spoke, destroying any life or joy within them. And they become empty words.

Sometimes bitterness creeps into the meaningful words we say and stain the meaning to nothing. As though we allow our words to lie unprotected and let the void within our hearts become jealous of joy we once felt. And they become empty words.

Sometimes our mouths are so impulsively swift and impetuous we say words we don’t mean. We cut deeply into those we love unintentionally wounding them leaving ourselves hopelessly trying to pick up the pieces and put them together again. Even empty words can cut and tear apart a soul.

Sometimes in the moment we throw words with meaning to intentionally cut and destroy only to step back and realize we didn’t actually mean what we said. And we are left hopelessly trying to pick up the pieces and put them together again.

We can cover up, ask for forgiveness and attempt to change the words we have said but truthfully no words, even words with meaning, can ever extinguish the words without meaning.

We live in a world where words are empty. Our interactions now are more than just simply words spoken. Words are read and interpreted with as many meanings as one can think of. Even the simple word “hi” can be given meaning of annoyance or simplicity or just a simple greeting. But the problem with the many interpretations is that the word is left without meaning.

Because of the vast interpretations of a single word, our society has lost the meanings of words. Words can mean and be read as so many things and it has caused breaks in our relationships that are unnecessary and painful. We’ve allowed words of emptiness strike at our soul and eat away at who we are as human beings.

We’ve allowed it.

Now when we read a response from a person, we give it it’s own meaning even if it was unintentional. It doesn’t matter. We still allow it to hurt us and deeply wound us. Or annoy us. Our frustrate us. Or anger us. Or give us hope.

This is the problem I see with the society we are creating. We a creating a society of humans who are becoming less and less human and more and more fragile and broken due to our lack of patience for empty words unspoken.


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