Well, apparently it’s May, and that means that April A-to-Z Challenge is over.  All I have to say, is I’m really proud of myself.  I may have not have written a different topic everyday for the whole month of April, but I got up to T.  Usually I’d stop within the first week.  I apologize for those of you who kept checking my blog to see my new post for the day after I posted for ‘T’.  It’s not that I didn’t have topics, it’s more than I didn’t have time.  I didn’t think about how the semester was going to be winding down so quickly after the month of April.

Tonight. I am literally so tired of people.  All day I was just wanting to hang out with people.  I feel like I’m constantly asking people if they want to hang out, trying to see what people are up to etc., and literally no one asks me if they want to hang out or what I’m up to.

I think it’s a Wheaton problem. So I’ll be happy when I’m not at Wheaton anymore where people are normal.  But I feel like it’s actually not a Wheaton problem.  It’s an America problem.  Where we think we’re too busy for people all the time.  There is always more work to do and always not enough time to be with people.  To invest in people.  That’s a problem.

I understand that people are busy, but how as the church can we be too busy for people? Today Mitch Kim (who is pretty incredible) talked about fake flowers.  He talked about how they look real nice on the outside, but you get up close to them and you realize they’re fake.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that’s how the world views the Church and Christians. We aren’t real with people and therefore people think that we have life altogether, and everything is dandy because we have Jesus.

But aren’t we missing the people God has placed around us?  I’m not saying I view the church this way, or the people I’ve been attempting to make plans to hang out with for the past several months, but there is a need.  Sometimes people have an immediate need, and how as Christians can we respond with “Sounds great! I’d love to get together.  How about in two weeks?”

I’m literally tired of being real with people.  I’m tired of being real around a bunch of fake people; the only real flower in the bunch of fake flowers. (That sounds really negative, but so I’m sorry.  Not everyone around me is fake.)  American culture though has us wrapped up in ourselves.  In how to better ourselves, and therefore oftentimes we only help people when we see a need and want to feel better about ourselves.  The world looks at the poor and feeds them because they feel they need to out of necessity.  But Christians look at the poor and feed them because they want to, because they are called to.

What if the poor people are all around you?  What if the person who is hungry is actually the person you talk to everyday at work?  What if the poor reach out to you to spend time with?  What if God is actually speaking to you and giving you millions of opportunities everyday?  Sometimes as Christians we’re not satisfied because we don’t see any results, or we don’t see God working in people’s lives.  What if you aren’t taking as many opportunities as you can to reach out to people around you?  And why is it that Christians look at serving opportunities to only people who are outside of the Church?

I’m literally tired of the fake flowers around me.  I’m tired of putting myself out there and being real, and reaching out to people, and being forgotten or feared.


2 thoughts on “people.

  1. I think this is a great reminder that we don’t know what is going on in lives of the people working or sitting right next to us. We think of the mission field as being “out there somewhere,” when people within the church need encouragement just as much. Good thoughts!

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