I was about to post a serious post that would’ve involved a lot of thought. I was going to talk about striving and how much as humans we try and reach certain times in our life, how we strive to be a good friend, loyal, loving, caring, etc. but how we don’t need to do that with Christ in our lives.  I started writing the post and then realized 4 hours of sleep wasn’t enough for my brain to actually realize what I was typing.  I will eventually write a serious thought provoking post about striving, but for now, I’m going to leave you with my recently found addiction: Kid Snippets videos.

On Facebook awhile back one of my friends posted this video: “Salesman“.  The idea of the videos are kids talk about different topics and then adults act out what they are saying.  The lip syncing is impressive by the way.  Anyways, I watch these Kid Snippets videos all the time, and I’m slightly embarrassed but some of them are hilarious.  So I figured I’d introduce you to them.  Be careful though because there are a ton of them and they are really funny.

Some of my favorites:

American Idol
Math Class
Back To School
Job Interview


3 thoughts on “snippets.

  1. I adore these kid talking/adult acting snippets on you tube. Whoever dreamt this idea up merits an Oscar without doubt. They even entertain my 6yr old autistic who hardly stops long enough to watch anything! She watches them avidly!

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