(I know I already wrote ‘r’ But I forgot I already had this ‘r’ post written… so here ya go!)

We live in a broken, messed up, selfish, consumeristic, ignorant world that cares nothing for others except what it can give them.  As humans we are always looking for another way to better ourselves or make ourselves more desirable over another.  We’re all puzzle pieces in this huge puzzle trying to find our place.  Some of us float around trying to find a place for us to belong, while some of us insist that we belong in a certain area and we attempt to force ourselves where we want.  But one thing that makes life beautiful is when people step out of this nature and act in opposition to what most people expect.  Like those stories you hear on the internet of people paying for other people’s tabs or leaving a $100 tip; or those who sacrifice their time and give it to those who are homeless, or people who make meals for those who are going through rough times.  But I am convinced one of the greatest gifts one human can give another is the gift of grace.

It’s one thing to give grace to those people who aren’t close to you.  To people who you’ve never met, but you know are in need.  But it’s a completely different thing to give grace to people who are actively in your life who have deeply hurt you. I can only speak for myself when I say this, but I think one of the greatest gifts I have ever received is grace.

I have learned that even when everything seems to be going wrong, God is still there.  He will NEVER leave me and he ALWAYS provides when he takes away.  God has given me a grace that I will never be able to repay or deserve.  Grace is not easy for me to receive, but it is also not easy for me to give.  Like I mentioned before, grace when not related or connected to me in an intimate way is easy for me to give, but when grace means I have to give up my pride for the sake of someone else, it’s terribly hard.

When someone close to me wrongs me, and I have a right to be angry or upset, that’s when grace is hard.  But we have a God who has no right to give us grace, he has every reason to deny us grace, to ban us to hell, to never talk to us again, yet he has taken every opportunity to pursue us.  Even when we run from him, he has given us grace.  Were we not created in his image?  Were we not made to reflect who he is?

I have been wronged in many ways here on this finite earth.  I’ve been wronged in ways where I have a right to be angry, to ostracize people, to never talk to them again, and to ultimately deny them any sort of grace from me.  But then I remember, the grace I have I don’t deserve, I never will deserve it, and there is nothing I can do to deserve it.  So why can’t I reflect that grace I have to even that person I can’t stand?


5 thoughts on “reflections.

  1. “But we have a God who has no right to give us grace, he has every reason to deny us grace, to ban us to hell, to never talk to us again, yet he has taken every opportunity to pursue us” —- thank you for this, this is exactly what I have seen happen in my life too. God bless you!

  2. You have such a refreshing perspective, and I really look forward to reading your blog posts! Because of this, I would like to nominate you for the Liebster Award! This is an award for up and coming blogs with 200 followers or less to be encouraged and to advertise their sites. If you choose to accept the award (which I hope you will), you can find instructions on my recent post regarding the Liebster Award: – Even if you don’t choose to accept, I still think your blog is worthy of recognition!

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