I have returned.

Sometimes I get frustrated when I’m not able to keep on to something that I really want to (*ahem* the a-to-z challenge).  It’s not that I’ve purposely stopped, it’s that I have too many thoughts and I’m trying to keep with it but then I can’t think of topics for the thoughts I have running in my head and then I’m sent in a whirlwind and I’m not sure when or where to start. It’s a frustrating thing.

On with the challenge.  PS.  I will be adding a random blogpost in response to my post titled “[         ].”  Because it’s about Easter (which was now two days ago).

Ok, when I say I hate being confined by time, do you understand why? I feel like time passes way too quickly, and my life isn’t able to catch up to it.  Ever.  There is never a time I feel like I’m on top of time and I hate that.  In life, we’re always looking towards the next minute, always thinking about the next hour, day, week, month, year, years, etc.  We live by goals and goal setting and sometimes we forget about the present.

One of my good friends asked me the other day how I approach friendships.  She continued to describe to me how she tries as best as she can to be where she’s at, because she knows her tendency is to rely and heavily reach back to the past and attempt to rely too heavily on past relationships instead of investing in the present ones.  This was an interesting concept to me, because although I don’t struggle with being present (or at least I try not to think I do), sometimes being stuck in the past is much easier.  It’s really easy for us to rely on what we know and not explore the present and what we don’t know.  It’s easy for us to reach back to the past, to the familiarity and become invisible in our present.

Even more interestingly, it’s easy for us to become attached to our future and forget about our past and present.  Sometimes we look and plan so heavily on our future that we lose the present and our past.  I want to challenge you today to be where you are, to be where God has placed you and to be all there.  Love the past, appreciate the relationships you have from the past, and continue to kindle them, but don’t forget about stepping out of the comfort and finding the present.  Don’t lose what God has placed in your life right now.


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