I’ve realized with each year that passes new things about the human experience.  For example, what I posted on yesterday (which was really two days ago, but don’t tell anyone) about being misunderstood.  I’ve realized that we also overuse the word need.  The word “need” binds us to dependence, and I’m not saying we’re not dependent.  We are very dependent.  Not only on each other, but on food, water, air, etc.  We’re also dependent on time (which is something I hate and really struggle with), and I believe we’re dependent on God as well.

But, we use the word “need” very freely in our culture.  We use it as a replacement for expectations and desire.  For example, we say we need some people in our lives, or we need someone to help us with something, and for the younger kids (and sometimes adult population), they so easily say they need a toy or gadget, when in all of these senses, we don’t actually need.  We actually want, but we use need instead as a desperate plea or a more intense desire.  I feel like the word need is something absolutely has to happen, not something that we want to happen.  For example, if a person needs a heart transplant, they actually do need a heart they don’t want one, their life depends on getting a new heart.

As a culture, it’s so easy for us to say we “need” someone, or we “need” something, and it gives us a false perspective of what life is about.  We feel needed by people when in reality we aren’t.  I think it’s a serious problem that our culture loses the sense of being ok with where we’re at and that hey, we’re alright if things go wrong or unplanned.  Yes, life would be more helpful if we had a certain thing or person, but we’ll survive without it or them.  God is gracious and providing and therefore all we truly need is him.


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