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I’m hoping a title that starts with the letter ‘o’ will come to mind as I write this post.

This world lives in silence.  Silence as the cries of the hungry echo through the streets. Silence as the lost wander through the wilderness, stumbling to find truth and hope. Silence as the pain of shame and despair eat us alive from within.  Silence as we cover ourselves with masks of busyness, screens, and staged joy.  Silence.

I can’t live in the silence of the world.

On this Good Friday, I’m reminded of why Jesus came to earth.  He came and he broke the silence of the world.  The silence that daily hid what was actually happening.  The world couldn’t handle the silence being broken, the truth proclaimed and the sin of us all being undressed and bare for all to see.  The world couldn’t handle that.  In response, the world crucified Jesus.  The world nailed him to the cross for his reminder of our failures and his cry out to the world showing us who we actually are.

The dark world sat in its silence on that day.  On the evening Christ died.  The world was immersed in every way with silence.  The earth shook and the curtain was torn, but the world remained silent.  The layers of silence which hid the sinful from their sins remained still and the world was satisfied.  But God was not.

But this Good Friday, I encourage you to remember the silence of the world.  The cries of the broken around you and the covers which we hid behind so no one else can see us.  I challenge you to pray that God would lift those from your soul and show you the greater truth he has to offer you.  The greater truth which comes on Sunday.  But for now, we are left in silence.



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