As humans, we’re limited not only in our knowledge of understanding fully the unseen, but we’re also limited in our understanding of ourselves and of others.  Because we can never insert ourselves into another person’s life fully, meaning live life as they live life, see the world as they see the world, we are limited in understanding each other.  This is a big detriment to ourselves and causes us to depend on our own ability to express and communicate what life is like as ourselves.  

Oftentimes this dependence fails us and despite our greatest efforts, we are still misunderstood.  Sometimes this failure is because of a barrier outside of ourselves, and sometimes it’s because we fully don’t understand ourselves and therefore something still doesn’t feel right.  Either way, we are left misunderstood.  Sometimes communication is cut and therefore there is no ability to explain ourselves, sometimes, we’re left with wounds that hurt and we don’t want to address them.  Relationships depend on communication, and when communication is cut, relationships are broken.

I’ve experienced being misunderstood many times by many people.  I come off as a person who seems to be a “badass” usually, tough, not really caring about other people or things, I apparently scare people when I initially meet them.  I’ve tried really hard in the past several years to break this view I portray, but I’m not sure if it’s been successful.  Anyways, people misunderstand me all the time.  I think that’s one of the biggest problems in relationships where people are learning more about themselves, and they have a lack of grace for others in their process of learning, and then they choose the best decision is to break off communication.  

I’ve been astounded by the lack of grace our society extends towards each other in general (this is in secular society and religious society either way).  Grace is retained not only when others open themselves up to others, but when we go through life.  Usually this lack of grace has to do with a lack of understanding which is a consequence of not communicating.  The understanding part of this tends to have a direct correlation with patience, which a lot of people in our society don’t have, and therefore an understanding of the situation becomes unnecessary and instead people just lose grace for people.

This is a frustrating fact but it’s how our society runs most of the time, there’s a lack of patience for understanding which leads to a lack of grace.  Sometimes grace can be extended too much, and I’m not saying that there isn’t a place for discipline, but sometimes I feel like there needs to be more grace in general in our society.


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