imago dei.

[bonus a-to-z challenge post!]

We live in an image saturated world.  A world that relies on images to entice, portray, convey, and convince us what the world really is.  A few months ago I watched this TED video.  The words that struck me from this video were not only how our society views images and decides what’s beautiful and what isn’t, it was the superficial reality of the images we place so much desire and hope in.

“Image is powerful, but image is superficial.”

Our reliance on images is scary to me, especially after watching this video.  I realized that the images we see of models aren’t actually real people, they are touched up, photoshopped people who aren’t actually real.  It opened my eyes to see that models are actually people too.  The images of her in real life during the same time as her shoots was completely eye-opening.

What’s even more scary is that young girls and women are constantly trying to be like those images we see in magazines and advertisements.  We see those images, which are not real, and we want to be like them.  We try desperately with makeup, weight loss pills, excessive working out, starving ourselves to reach a goal that is not even possible for the most “beautiful” women, models, on earth.  When we are young, we are constantly trying to look older and when we’re older we’re constantly trying to look younger.

Our lives are cyclically trying to attain a goal that is unachievable but images give us this false hope that it is attainable.  Our society is so focused on image and how we look that we forget that we are something greater.  I know this is cliché, but we are made in God’s image.  We are a broken, broken image of who God is.  But because we are so focused on the images society places around us we forget this, we lose sight of it and strive for the unattainable.

It pains me to see children be told that they are ugly or fat.  It pains me to see models who look stunning in images struggle with the way they look because they don’t look like at the photoshopped image man created on a computer.  It pains me to know that girls are striving to be something they aren’t and forgetting who they are in the process.  This world is crying out to be perfect when it’s not, and it never will be.


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