(This was written last semester… but I just didn’t get around to posting it.  I think it’s because I didn’t think it was that relevant compared to what I was posting about)

I’m taking my “senior capstone” class at Wheaton this semester.  We had to take the Myers-Briggs test, which I have taken many times before and I feel as though I always get something different.  This time I scored INTP.

It always intrigues me, because I’m apparently an introverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiver.  But I’ve realized more and more how not introverted I am.  For example, I can’t handle being by myself.  If I am up in my room (I am blessed to live with a family in their attic!) by myself, and looking at the night ahead and realizing I have nothing to do except for homework, I can’t handle being by myself for an insane amount of time.  “Insane” meaning over 2 hours.  This is unfortunate.  But I’ve been blessed to find people to just text and sit and literally do homework with for hours.  Just to be with people.

Since coming to college, this part of me has changed so much.  I used to be very shy.  I couldn’t easily talk to people, and I didn’t really feel a need or a desire to make friends.  But since coming to college, I’ve been able to network and connect with people in ways I never was able to before.  And that’s been awesome.  I’m becoming more extroverted as time goes on!

The “NTP” of my personality type, I’m not going to get into.  I just wanted to say how I realized I’m not introverted as much as I used to be, and how I think that’s pretty cool.

The Myers Briggs test always makes me curious because I wonder when we put ourselves into “types” how much those types we are affect the way we act.  So if we know we’re introverted, do we all of a sudden try and fit that mold more?  It reminds me of this song covered by Walk off The Earth (whom I love, by the way): Little Boxes.  We’re going through life and we’re expected to fit in these boxes that all look the same.

(To give an update, I believe I am actually an ENTP on the Myers Briggs.  I read through the descriptions of INTP, INFP, ISTP, ISFP, etc., and none of them seemed to fit me.   The one that best fit me was ENTP).

In my senior capstone class, we also read this article about the “quarter life” crisis.  Which I personally found a little frustrating.  Because apparently “twenty somethings” go through this age where we have no idea what we’re doing and everything is changing, and we don’t know if what we’re doing is right or wrong or if our career is what we want and enjoy… etc. etc. In all my looking forward to graduation, it kind of bummed me out cause I started questioning whether Music Education is even what I want to do, or where I should move after graduation, or what I even want to do.

What the article didn’t offer though, which seems to help me at least, is the consistency, direction and plan that God has for each of us.  While the article essentially had the same conclusion, that whatever you do, it will work out in the end, it’s encouraging to know that no matter what decisions I have made, will make, or am making right now, God has a plan.  It gives me more hope that the decisions I make no matter what it is, will be ok.


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