In my room, which is the attic of a house, I have this word taped to the wall:


Gratitude is an interesting word to me.  It evokes more than just a posture of thankfulness in my mind.  Instead it evokes an attitude of graciousness.  Gratitude takes over your heart and changes the way you live where thankfulness feels like a one time thing.

This picture reminds me of the many things I’m grateful for: a roof over my head, beautiful relationships that God has blessed me with, community, school, food, the list could go on forever.  Gratefulness is more challenging to me than thankfulness.  Being grateful means you are able to accept the fact that it’s challenging, that the situation hurts, or that you are broken, and be thankful for that challenge, situation, or brokenness.  It takes on a deeper aspect of pain and suffering but acceptance, and the ability to learn from that pain and suffering.

I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had at Wheaton College; the good, bad, hard, challenging, hurtful, painful, encouraging, and growing.  It grieves me to soon be leaving those experiences, but in that grief, I’m able to find acceptance and assurance that it’s been beneficial and good.

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