Sometimes as Christians, we put ourselves and others in boxes.  I’ve mentioned this before in my previous post titled “community and short attention spans.”  When I came to Wheaton as a freshman, I thought I knew what a Christian looked like.  Christians were supposed to be put together, if not completely, they were supposed to know what they believed, and they were supposed to trust God with everything no matter how hard the situation they were currently in.  A Christians life was by no means considered easy or perfect, but rather, they were supposed to know the answers and understand life enough to “shepherd” and lead others on the path to a good, moral Christian life.

Since coming to Wheaton I’ve realized that this view of a Christian is not only wrong, it is confining.  There is some truth in this view of a Christian; that they should be trusting God in every situation.  But if I were to say that I know without a shadow of a doubt exactly what I believed and that I understand life enough to lead other people to whatever a good, moral Christian life is, then I would be lying.  Maybe I’m not a good Christian for saying this, but I don’t believe I know and understand life enough to know what a moral life would be.  We’re sheep leading sheep, we make mistakes; it’s the blind leading the blind.

It’s almost the same to me as the arminianism verses calvinism debate, and whether you can lose your salvation.  What is a “good, moral” life?  How much is too much and where is the line drawn?  Just like your salvation, how do I know that I’m living a moral life?  If I do this, does that mean that all of a sudden my life is no longer “moral” or “good”?  I don’t think the Bible’s purpose is for us to live life by a set of rules laying out what a moral life is.  I don’t think that God sent us the Bible to read it and decide how we should live our life.  I think God sent us the Bible so we would better know and understand who he is, and his love for us.  The Bible doesn’t lay out the rules by which a “good” Christian must abide and live by.

I find great freedom in this.  Knowing that the Bible is teaching me about God, not about life on earth.  It gives me freedom to make mistakes; try and fail.  It gives me freedom to be who God created me to be and to understand more fully who God is.  This freedom isn’t an anarchy, my life is still a life of following Christ and who he wants me to be, but instead of me having to follow a list of rules or guidelines for what a Christian should look like, I can be myself and love the God who has endless love and forgiveness.

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3 thoughts on “freedom.

  1. This is a very thought provoking post. There is definitely freedom in Christianity that one cannot find anywhere else – believer or non. God is not a dictator nor did he create us as robots to do his bidding. He created us to have free will and to be able to make choices – right or wrong. And then he forgives us when we make wrong choices and confess to him. That’s freedom baby!

    I disagree with one line in your post. I believe that God did give us the Bible so that, yes, we could learn about Him, but also to instruct us on how to live our lives. Life is full of decisions and often it’s murky and not clear cut. There is only place I can go to find an absolute truth when I’m seeking and that’s the Bible. The Bible is a moral compass; it tells us the “dos and dont’s” that church is known for. What we often miss is that yes, there are “dos and dont’s” but God knows that we are human and that we sin which is exactly why Jesus died on the cross. And yes, the Bible is God’s love story to us. The Bible definitely tells us how to live a good life.

    Like I said, very thought provoking. 🙂

  2. Mrs. Sexy,

    I’m not trying to say that there is no absolute truth, I believe there is absolute truth, I’m just not positive we can get to that absolute truth until we’re in heaven. There are many things here on earth that I don’t understand because I’m a feeble human who is sinful and messed up. I think it’s hard to look at the Bible though, which was written to a different people, in a completely different context and rightfully apply every wrong and right to our current culture. I think we can attempt to apply it as best we can, and God will give us grace if we mess up, because we definitely will mess it up. I believe the Bible was meant to point us back to God. The Bible is sacred and Holy, and it’s one of God’s revelations of himself to us, I’m not undermining the worth of the Bible itself. But sometimes I feel like as Christian evangelicals we worship the Bible and the Word of God and not God himself. We miss who God is because we’re so focused on what’s written in the Bible, when instead I believe the Bible was given to us to better understand who God is. We use the Bible to try to fit a mold, and I don’t think that’s the purpose of the Bible.

    I appreciate your comments! 🙂

    • I see where you’re coming from and I do agree. It is hard to decipher the Bible sometimes. There are definitely concepts we won’t understand until God himself explains them. Even then would we understand? I don’t know. lol

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