to the brokenhearted.

“My heart has been aching.  It’s been aching to be filled.  It feels empty and broken and I’m tired of it.  I’m tired of the brokenness I feel inside of me.”  I wrote these words on January 23rd, 2014.  The pain I felt was not shallow, it was deep, it was not fake, but real, it was not arbitrary but justifiable.  But sometimes in the midst of brokenness we are blinded by the reality beyond our present reality.

In times of brokenness, I think we as humans forget the promises that God has given us.  Our God is not a God who wants us to suffer, who wants us to be broken, he wants us to feel full, loved, and lighthearted, not brokenhearted.  Therefore, I write this to those of you who may feel brokenhearted:

To you who has lost,
you who has fallen,
you who has doubt,
you who has pain,

Remember this:
what has been lost
will be found;
what has fallen,
will rise above;
though you doubt,
you will have certainty;
though you have pain
you will be healed.

For what we see now
is not all there is,
your broken heart
is not for loss.

For what has not felt pain,
can’t feel comfort.
For what has not fallen,
can’t be lifted.
For what has not doubted,
can’t be faithful.
For what has not been broken
can’t be healed.


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