As I biked around Danada several times this morning I realized how ungrateful I am.  How I’ve failed to see the significance of the small things that have been lavished on me despite my unfaithfulness, and my anger.  This is especially towards God.  I have found myself angry at God for where he has brought me and what he has brought into my life, especially the sin that I have fallen into.  I have been reminded from… only God himself, that he is a God of redemption.  Yes, I have fallen short, I have sinned far more than I could ever express to anyone but by his grace alone he wishes to see me redeemed.  He wishes to use my brokenness to bring himself glory and that is so encouraging considering the failures of my flesh.

Not only have I been ungrateful of the physical things that have been given to me, I have been ungrateful of God himself.  Through his grace alone am I still here and have a chance to live for him.  He has not given up on me and no matter how many times I have fallen short or how deep I fall into sin, He will still be there to lift me up.  His grace and his love for me is greater than any sin I could ever commit.

His Grace alone is what brings me here today.  And I am grateful.


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